The FIU-Earth and Environment’s Agroecology Program started in 2005 with a significant funding support from the United States Department of Agriculture-National Institute of Food and Agriculture. This has become one of the signature programs in College of Arts & Sciences-School of Environment, Arts, & Society. Over the years, the Program has received support from USDA Hispanic Serving Institutions, Multicultural Scholarship Program, International Science Education Program, and National Needs Fellows Program of over $5 million, which funds students from freshman to senior and graduate students in Environmental Studies, Biological Sciences, Food and Dietetics, Economics, and Business. Through our various projects, the Agroecology Program has signed Memorandum of Understanding with universities in India and Honduras.

Our efforts paid: FIU receives HSACU Designation

With South Florida’s unique Hispanic urban setting and year-round cropping conditions and challenges, there exists many opportunities to expand research and technology developments in agriculture. The Agroecology Program sought out the need and through our timely efforts to provide excellent education and engagement activities in food and agriculture, FIU was recently selected to be one of 71 universities to receive the USDA’s Hispanic-Serving Agricultural Colleges and Universities (HSACU) designation. These are exciting times and we intend to move forward with expansion. As part of the 2008 Farm Bill, FIU is now eligible for opportunities in funding research and educational activities. This designation gives more leverage to increase agriculture sciences activities – teaching, research, and outreach. With continued support from the College of Arts & Sciences and university administration, the Agroecology Program will provide a Worlds Ahead program for cultivating and promoting new minds to bring innovation in agriculture for the 21st Century.

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