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The PDs of the USDA NIFA HSI grants programs who are required to present a poster are not required to submit an abstract, but are encouraged to submit the title and presenters' names for the purpose of better planning.


  • Abstracts should be submitted to by Tuesday, October 21, 2014.
  • Abstracts must be submitted under one of the following four categories:
    • Research-related student presentations

    • Education- and career development-related student presentation
    • Innovative teaching-related presentations by educators

    • Career development and graduate school preparation by faculty

• Abstracts should be no longer than 250 words. No graphs or figures should be included.

• Set margins at 1”, top, bottom and sides and use Times Roman font at a size of 12 points with 1.5 spacing.

• Type abstract title flush left on a line.

• Use BOLD AND CAPITAL LETTERS FOR THE TITLE, which must be followed by a separate line containing the names and institutional affiliations.

• Use the following formatting within titles: italics (for scientific names), subscript scientific formulas and superscript

• List the senior author first and Bold the presenting author

• Affiliations should be denoted with a numeric superscript.

• Do not include professional titles of the authors.

• Apply italics, underlining, superscripts and subscripts in your main text as you want it to appear in your final abstract.

• Avoid abbreviations and acronyms unless they are strictly necessary.

• Include full contact information for the presenting author at the very end of the abstract.

• Authors should indicate their presentation preference:

Poster only

Poster or Oral*

*Oral subject to approval

• The abstract should be sent by email to

• Authors will be notified of acceptance by October 22, 2014 by email.

If you have any questions on abstract submission please contact Dr. Pushpa Soti:

E-mail, 305-348-1902.

Due to limited space the acceptance of abstract for oral presentation will depend on the abstract selection committee. Students are especially encouraged to submit abstract for poster presentation.

Student Oral and Poster Competition

All student submissions will be considered for student poster and oral competition. The judges will select three poster/oral presentations from each section.