Beekeeping Workshop

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Saturdays March 4 — April 8, 2017
9 a.m — 12 p.m.

22200 S.W. 152nd Avenue
Homestead, FL 33032
The Beekeeping Workshop, hosted by FIU’s Agroecology Program, is designed for people wanting to start their own backyard beekeeping operation and those who want to learn more about apiculture and the maintenance of honeybee colonies. Maintaining a honeybee colony allows you to collect honey and other products the hive produces, including beeswax, propolis, pollen and royal jelly.
Participants will learn about:
• Beehive structure\

• Bee species\

• Pest management\

• Emergency preparedness\

The workshop offers you the opportunity for hands-on learning by allowing you to work with a beehive each class while learning to identify diseases, practice pest control, collect honey and learn how to sell hive products. It will also review the necessary permits needed to start a backyard beekeeping operation and the process of installing a beehive.

Contact Stephanie Soler for questions at or 305-348-5470.