Master of Science Research Assistantships in Agroecology offered

Wednesday March 2, 2011

Six MS Research Assistantships in Agroecology at Florida International University’s Earth and Environment Department, Miami, Florida:

We have six Research Assistantships at the Masters’ level funded by the USDA National Needs Fellows (NNF) Program for two years. While enrolled in the Master of Sciences in Environmental Studies degree program, candidates will conduct research in the areas of soil microbiology, soil science, natural resource economics, agroecology and sustainable agriculture, population genetics, land use change and urban ecology, water resources, GIS applications in sustainable agriculture, and/or forest resources. Students are expected to test and analyze research data, prepare research manuscripts, as well as make research presentations at local, regional and national meetings. Students are encouraged to perform studies related to research projects in collaboration with USDA agencies, Students will also participate in general activities relating to our Agroecology Program growth and development. Some of the duties involve mentoring undergraduate USDA-funded Multicultural Scholar students and interns, as campus Organic Garden activities, urban community garden education and service, farmer’s markets, and agroecology event management. A B.S. degree in soil science, ecology, microbiology, biochemistry, environmental science, or closely related discipline is required. Some of the additional requirements are: US Citizenship or residency, demonstrated excellence in course work, excellent written and oral communication skills, and ability to work independently and as a team member. Each Fellow receives $18,500 per year for two years, and in-state and out-of-state tuition waivers. For further details about these positions please contact Dr. Krish Jayachandran, Associate Professor and Co-Director of Agroecology Program, phone 305-348-6553, and Dr. Mahadev Bhat, Professor and Co-Director of Agroecology Program, Phone 305-348-1210,

To apply, please visit Florida International University’s University Graduate School (UGS) website ( and send us a copy of your completed application. The deadline for this National Needs Fellowship screening and acceptance is March 31, 2011.