SEAS Environmental Film Series

Wednesday December 7, 2011

The Environmental Film Series features four award-winning documentaries with themes closely connected to SEAS.

In January, Ingredients takes a look at the unsustainability of the current food system, and the promising alternative of the growing local food movement. After the screening, a member of the Agroecology program will discuss the film and how this FIU program is doing its part.

In February, The End of the Line exposes the impact of increasing human demands on the world's oceans. Kevin Boswell from the Marine Science program will share his experience as a researcher.

In March, eco-critic Heidi Scott will lead a brief discussion on Andy Goldsworthy's documentary Rivers and Tides. The film explores the balance between nature, art, and the inexorable movement of time.

In anticipation of Earth Day (April 22), Earth Days, the final installment in the spring 2012 Environmental Film Series, takes a look at the nascent days of the modern environmental movement.

For more information, please see the attached flyer.