Presentations at High Schools, University Symposiums, and Government Agencies

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  • Koptur, S. Gardening for Pollinators with native wildflowers. Dade County chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society), the Gifford Arboretum (University of Miami), and at the Institute for Regional Conservation (IRC), Miami. 2007.
  • Pacheco, J., K. G. Shetty, K. Jayachandran, and C. Smith. Biological Control of Invasive Plants in South Florida. Cell and Molecular Biology Symposium, St. Thomas University, Miami, Florida 2007.
  • Pacheco, J., K. G. Shetty, M. Bhat, and K. Jayachandran. Biological Control of Brazilian Pepper. Hispanic Students Leadership Conference, Washington, DC. 2007.
  • Bhat, M., Agro-ecosystems of Plantation Agriculture in South India. Guest Lecture presented at South Ridge Senior High School, Miami, Florida. 2006.
  • Bhat, M., K. Jayachandran and A. Melesse. Agroecology Program at Florida International University. Presentations at six area senior high schools, Miami. 2006.
  • Jayachandran, K. Biological Invasion in South Florida: A microbiologist Approach for Management. Seminar presented at Southeastern Environmental Research Center, Florida International University, Miami, Florida. 2006.