Joshua Munoz

Joshua Munoz

Hometown: Miami, FL

Rank: Sophomore

Major: Environmental Studies, BS

Career experience/location

I am currently interning at LNB Farms in Homestead, FL as a student and researcher of Vermiculture Systems Design and Organic Fruit Tree Mangement.

Description of career experience (what I learned)

This career experience has offered me the unique and challenging experience to successfully design a large Vermiculture System for a fruit tree farm with the materials availale on site which led to efficient improvisation and creativity. I have had the opportunity to make connections with farmers and specialists that share my common goals and interests.

What is your perception of agriculture now

Agriculture is, and should be, respected as the central pillar of society and systems as it forever holds its place under the most important activity we partake in three times a day – eating, a title that few other pillars can claim.

How has this career experience broadened your employment opportunities

This career experience has opened the doors to the field of Vermiculture which is relatively new and is increasingly growing in demand as farmers and entrepreneurs realize the value of vermicompost and the quicker production time of vermiculture as opposed to traditional composting methods. I believe this experience will demonstrate that I am ready and up-to-date with the quickly changing field of Agriculture.

Career and research aspirations

My career aspirations include running a Community Supported Agriculture farm, designing food forest landscapes, empowering communities with size-efficient gardens, and entering academia as an updated professor in Agriculture. My research aspirations include tropical systems composting, tropical agroforestry for small farms, vermiculture methods, soil conservation and regeneration of soil microbial life. In 5 years I see myself working for the Natural Resources Conservation Service in any of their many engaging sections. In 10 years I see myself running a farm and empowering incoming farmers to farm in a closed-loop system without the need for chemical inputs through proper management of natural resources.