Nicholas Paseiro

Nicholas Paseiro


Major: Sustainability and the Environment, BA

Certificates: Agroecology

Career Experience/Location: After recently completing a summer internship with the USDA- Natural Resource Conservation Service, I was able to gain hands on experience working in partnership with government officials and the American people. Prior to this I have been working as a Veterinary assistant for the past 8 years in Miramar, FL. Currently, I sell honey out of my apiary as I strive to complete my B.A.

Description of Career Experience (What I Learned): Through my work experience I have learned how to effectively engage clients, and conduct business in an equitable and just fashion while maintaining the values of the company. My career experience has shown me how to love the work you do. In today’s society job possibilities are diverse and it takes courage to take step out of your comfort zone in order to find out where you can excel.

What is your perception of agriculture now: Agriculture is today’s system of hunting and gathering. Societies are dependent on our agricultural system and we need new innovative minds in order to ensure that this system will remain strong for centuries to come. The potential our agricultural system holds is very promising and I feel this should be a top priority for our generation.

Career and Research Aspirations: My career aspirations are to enjoy and be proud of the work I accomplish. To work with the environment to discover and provide scientific data that can be utilized for the benefit of our planet and its inhabitants. I hope to spend more time researching honey bees to benefit the species as well as discover new benefits that they provide for us.