Adriana Campa

Adriana Campa


  • International Health - Post-Doctoral Fellow/University of Miami
  • International Health – PhD University of Miami
  • MBA – University of Miami
  • Nutrition – B.S. Florida International University


Principles of Nutrition/World Nutrition/Senior Research/Graduate Seminar

Global Course: Nutrition, Public Health and Economic Development
International Nutrition
Foundations of Nutrition
Senior Research


HIV and Nutrition/Micronutrients/International Research in HIV and Nutrition


HIV and Nutrition

Representative Publications

Rafie C, Campa A, Smith S, Huffman F, Newman F, Baum MK. Cocaine reduces thymic endocrine function: Another Mechanism for Accelerated HIV Disease Progression. AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses. 2011 [Epub ahead of print]

Campa A, Baum MK. Micronutrients and HIV-Infection. HIV Therapy. 2010;4(4):437-69 (DOI 10.2217/hiv.10.36). ISSN 1758-4310.

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Baum MK, Lai S, Sales S, Page JB, Campa A. Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial of Zinc Supplementation to Prevent Immunological Failure in HIV-Positive Adults. Clinical Infectious Disease. Clinical Infectious Disease. 2010;50(12):1653-60.

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