Florida-Caribbean Consortium for Agriculture Education and Hispanic Workforce Development

FCCAgE is a multi-institutional consortium in Florida and Puerto Rico for training Hispanic students in agricultural, biological and natural resources sciences for career placement in USDA and other federal agencies. The Consortium consists of Florida International University (FIU), as the lead institution, Miami Dade College-North Campus MDC, St. Thomas University, Miami STU, Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico (UIA), and several not-for profit and government agencies. The Consortium has recruited more than 50 bachelor students and four masters’ students (see below for list of student scholars) from underrepresented communities into training in biological and natural sciences (BARS track) specialty areas relating to food productivity and the environment.  


Collectively, the Consortium is: (a) introducing several curricular activities (course revisions, new courses, workshops, etc.) into the existing biological and environmental science curricula; (b) integrating social media networking and web-based learning tools into the agriculture curriculum; (c) offering aggressive programs of internship, community engagement, and career placement programs; and (d) offering a K-12 school outreach program, including High School Summer Internships.  Student scholars so trained will be ready for career placement in USDA’s mission-critical occupations in agencies such as ARS, APHIS and NRCS.

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