Farm Apprenticeship

Are you interested in going into farming? You are in the right place! Our farm apprenticeship program is designed to provide working experience in different farming settings. The program consists of 100 total hours to be completed in 20-24 weeks. Participants will receive $1000 upon finishing the training.

To complete the required hours participants will:

•Attend workshops regarding USDA assistance programs and farm business and management

•Learn how to build, maintain, and manage a community garden at FIU’s Organic Garden.

•Work at a tropical fruit farm in the Redlands (Possum Trot)

•Understand how an organic farm operation works and learn about running a farmer’s market

•Learn the differences between organic and conventional farming by working in two different farming systems

•Understand the differences in operations by working with a nursery

•Receive detailed “how-to” material and review media files on farming equipment

•Receive advice on obtaining USDA and other government assistances

•Learn what marketing opportunities and risks exist for your farm produce

Apprenticeships are ongoing and require a minimum of FIVE hour commitment per week. If interested, please download the application packet HERE, and submit it to or